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Welcome to JEN CHI Coaching

Welcome to JEN CHI Coaching

Welcome to JEN CHI CoachingWelcome to JEN CHI Coaching

Testimonials / Reviews


Transpersonal and Wellness Coaching

"You are a great coach on life, health and just personal issues.  I have come to look at life in a different manner, and not abused my body.  You have shown me that I am able to control my body with healing, and learning of what I have control over. You are an inspiration to me, and have made my journey more peaceful."


Las Vegas, NV


Metaphysical Healing Sessions' Positive Side Effects

"I came to see you late last year and found it to be the most profound experience.  I raved about it for weeks!  It was only the fist session, however it was incredible how I went from feeling disassociated to being very present in my body.  Thank you so much - I'm happy.  I'm content.  I feel free and alive and I know myself much better.  Without your help, dealing with my anxiety would not be manageable today :)"  


Dallas, TX


Dallas Tantra Couples Musings

"Jen, just a quick thank you for the session today.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and your energy.  After such an intimate encounter, we are looking forward to an opportunity to spend more time with you...We have been practicing what we learned from you.  It has been awesome!    We look forward to your continued guidance on this journey of discovery."

Happy Husband

Dallas, TX


Tantra Novice Impressions

"Continuing to experience the benefits of your healing touch.  Not feeling blocked and constricted like I was.  It was electric at the time and sustaining since.  Dynamite!  You continue to be a top notch, ideal, provider.  I am definitely looking forward to another session."


Little Rock, AR  


Session 1 Tantrica Experience

"It was really great to meet you.  I truly enjoy talking and listening to you.  You're incredible and the session was amazing!  I can't wait for the next one!"


Dallas, TX


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