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       1 of 5 Constant Virtues in Confucianism.              

Jen refers to a central concept in Confucian ethics.  Known to have many meanings including:  goodness, compassion, human-heartedness, 

love & kindness.  


Chi, Qi, Ki, Prana, Shakti, Ka, Pneuma, Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, Ashe, Ha, Mana, Dallas, DFW

Central to Taoist world view, chi literally means "air" or "breath".  Chi is the tremoring that is happening continuously at molecular, atomic & sub-atomic levels. It is the energy flow or life-force that is said to be in all things.     

(a/k/a qi, ki, prana, shakti, ka, pneuma, Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, ashe, ha & mana)


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