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Jen Chi was created in the heavens, a shooting star, fallen from the vastness of the night sky. A born empath, she is energetically sensitive & able to feel the emotions of others. Since a child, she has always had a close connection with nature & the animal kingdom. Gathering caterpillars, watching them cocoon & emerge as butterflies, & the process of transformation, fascinated her from an early age. 

In her teens, Jen Chi shared healing talents with friends & family who often made requests for massage & body work. As she matured, she sought to raise her energetic vibration & strengthen her connection to Source. On her path, she met many who practiced individual modalities. 

Buddhist monks taught her to chant & meditate. Tai chi & qi gong masters showed her energy work & healing. Top holistic doctors shared their knowledge of clean eating, green living, internal cleansing & supplementation. Mystics taught her the ways of spirituality, metaphysics, healing stones, essential oils & the like. Yogis taught her to be present, strong yet flexible, stay centered & to “show up”. Being a constant seeker, cleansing, in every sense of the word, became a way of life for Jen Chi.  Along with these ongoing studies, she continues to expand her devotion to Spiritual Coaching.

A natural channel & empath, Jen Chi is blessed with creative gifts that, as she likes to say, “require no talking”. They include writing, dance, yoga, healing touch & the sensual arts. Experiencing the world, the lotus arose above the muddy waters & surfaced. Jen Chi learned mind ~ body ~ spirit connection. She now understood how internal & external wellness & fitness, energetic vibration & frequency, spirituality & sexuality were all interconnected & ultimately connected to Source. She made a soul level promise to assist others on their path of transformation. A natural conduit & evolved practitioner, Jen Chi resonates with & recognizes Tantra as a spiritual basis for life.

She invites you to share in a session today & start your own transformation. Visit her zen studio space. Experience true alignment. Balance your energy. Encounter heart-centered healing.  Clear your mind. Cleanse & heal your body.  Get back to basics & the true you!


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