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"What is Tantra Massage?"


Livestrong.com Article

Many people are confused about what Tantra Energy Work, Body Work and Healing Touch Sessions are.  This article describes my style perfectly!  Please read prior to scheduling your first Tantra Session.  Namaste.

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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Extended Trailer

Follow Joe Cross As He Transforms His Health By Juicing For 60 days!

Signs You are an Empath (1 in every 20 people)

Intuitively Gifted and Wrongly Diagnosed As:  Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Manic Depressive, Bipolar (BPD), Anxiety Disorder, Hyper Sensitive

Noah Levine: A Buddhist Perspective on Sex

Relationships, Mindfulness, Impermanence, Attachments, Addiction and Suffering

12 Universal Laws

Set To Music and Abraham Hicks Sampling

Tantra and Kundalini

Spirituality and Primal Energy

The 7 Major Chakras

Chakra 101

Dr. Emoto Water Experiment

Right Speech and Manifesting

Meditation Dance - Tantric Kundalini Energy

Deva Premal - Gayatri Mantra

Shamanic Dream - Rain and Native American Flutes

Native American Flute Music

Seleccion Mantras

Relaxing Hang Drum Music

Relaxing Celtic Music

Indian Flute and Tibetan Bowl

Gregorian Chants by Angelic Choir