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5600 W. Lovers Lane, Suite 116-211, Dallas, Texas 75209, United States

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Welcome to JEN CHI Coaching

Welcome to JEN CHI Coaching

Welcome to JEN CHI CoachingWelcome to JEN CHI Coaching

Dallas Spiritual / Psychic Counseling ~ Pastoral Coaching

Dallas Spiritual Counseling, Dallas Buddhist Counselor, Dallas Transpersonal Counseling, 75206 LBGT

Sessions ~ 50 Minutes / $180

Sessions for Individuals (1 person)

Spiritual, Metaphysical, Taoist and Buddhist Philosophy Based

Jen Chi is a Licensed Reverend, Ordained Minister, and

Empath with the gift of Claircognizance - These Sessions are Intuitive Guidance.

*See Also Individual Tantra Sessions (Starting at $180 for Session 1)

"Modern Psychology vs. Buddhist Psychology" Video

Kung Fu "The Beginning of Wisdom" Scene


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